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Six Traits of a Successful ECNL Player

Crossfire United ECNL creates a great avenue for our female athletes to compete and be recognized nationally. The ECNL offers an excellent opportunity for player development, as well as exposure to college coaches and U.S. Soccer national team scouts. To compete and excel at this level, Crossfire United has identified six traits of a successful ECNL player.

It takes drive.
ECNL athletes possess a desire to always improve, taking their performance to the next level. They strive to be the best they can be and constantly push themselves in training, practice, and in all competitions. They make no excuses in their pursuit of excellence.

It takes commitment.
ECNL athletes have strong commitment to go the extra mile. They go beyond the expected, even when no one is watching, devoting themselves to improving their game. They are fully dedicated and demonstrate it through their unwavering commitment, constantly making sacrifices to better their game.

It takes discipline.
ECNL athletes possess discipline. They seek to turn their weaknesses into strengths, rather than avoiding them. They have a dedication that goes beyond a mandatory practice or competition level. Aiming to be more than "good enough", they dedicate additional time and energy to shape their talents and perfect their craft.

It takes self-confidence.
ECNL athletes have confidence in themselves and believe in their anticipated success. They have a consistent "can do" attitude which is contagious, and their presence on the field makes everyone around them better.

It takes focus.
ECNL athletes possess intense concentration and focus, blocking out all other distractions. After the game, they reflect on their performance positively and look for things they can work on to improve…always seeking towards reaching their goals.

It takes passion.
ECNL athletes have a passion for the sport. As the intensity and pressure of achieving elite status increase, passion and drive keeps athletes dedicated to the sport. This passion makes every other trait of an ECNL athlete possible.

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