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2019-2020 Coaching Staff

As ECNL Director, Kevin Legg will be heavily involved with all teams, players and coaches in the ECNL Program. Each ECNL team will be assigned a head coach but all members of the ECNL coaching staff will be working with each of the other ECNL teams in the program. This provides continuity within all teams and also gives our coaching staff the opportunity to work together to benefit our players.

2019/2020 ECNL Coaching Staff

U12 ECNL (2008)
Head Coach - Kevin Legg

U13 ECNL (2007)
Head Coach - Rosie Rocha

U14 ECNL (2006)

Head Coach - Kevin Legg

U15 ECNL (2005)
Head Coach - Rosie Rocha

U16 ECNL (2004)
Head Coach - Kevin Legg

U17 ECNL (2003)
Head Coach - Jon Kiester

U18/U19 ECNL (2001/2002)
Head Coach - Eric McClellan

U18/U19 ECNL Composite (2001/2002)
Head Coach - Louie Jones

Staff Coaches


Director of Programs - Kevin Legg
College Placement Program - Kevin Legg
Marketing and Publicity - Kevin Loudd
Administration - Geni Geannopoulos
Travel Coordinator - Carrie Harman

SPORTS MEDICINE: Orthopedic + Fracture Specialists

Athletic Trainer - Martha Miller ATC
Team Physician - Brad Butler MD
Physical Therapist - Kory Bell MSPT