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Sports Psychology

The goal of Crossfire United's Sport Psychology Program is "Mental Conditioning" to get all our players in top mental shape for all conference, play-offs and national showcase events.

Topics that will be covered in team sessions include:

  • Mental Toughness, Confidence, Focus and Re-focus
  • Strengthening your Positive Mindset
  • Pre-performance Routines - Consistent Preparation = Consistent Performance.

Sessions will be schedule through each team coach. Athletes should wear Crossfire United gear and bring a pen and notebook. Focus and attention are important, so athletes should also come motivated to learn and improve.

If you need to speak with our Crossfire United sports psychology consultant, Brian Baxter, call 866-300-1515 or visit

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Sports Psychology Mission Statement

The mission is to make Crossfire United the most mental tough club in the nation. Mental toughness can be defined as "the ability to remain confident and re-gain confidence over time." Brian Baxter will work with the parents, coaches, and athletes to provide strategies to be mentally tough, so that their technical skills, tactical knowledge, and physical fitness can shine on a more consistent basis.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to call or email. As another benefit to the club, all Crossfire United families get a 20% discount for all private individual consulting with Mr. Baxter.

Sport Psychology Consultant: Brian Baxter MA
Provides sports psychology services to improve performance through strengthening the mental game of Crossfire United athletes.
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