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Orthopedic + Fracture Specialists (O+F) is honored to provide medical services for Crossfire United. These services include medical coverage for select home and travel events, priority injury evaluations by a physician, physical therapist or athletic trainer at O+F and team practice facilities, development of injury prevention strategies with club coaches including the O+F "Knee Training Zone" for ACL injury prevention.

If you need to speak with an athletic trainer, schedule a prompt physician or physical therapy visit, call 503-ATHLETE, M-F 8 am - 5 pm.

Team Physician: Brad Butler MD Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon
Provides prompt in clinic physician evaluations and site visits to evaluate injured athletes.

Physical Therapist: Kory Bell MSPT
Provides prompt in clinic physical therapy evaluations, program coordination, and regular site visits.

Athletic Trainer: Payton Haynes ATC
Provides onsite visits and selected home and away event coverage.
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O+F partners with several schools and sports clubs to provide access to our multidisciplinary health care team and services. Our wide range of expertise includes; skilled orthopedic physicians, pediatric specialists, spinal care, podiatry, sports and general physical therapists, athletic trainers, MRI, and our Center for Specialty Surgery.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding O+F coverage of ECNL soccer, please contact Kory Bell, Rehabilitation Director at 503-906-4318.

503-ATHLETE Newsletter

Sports tips for Crossfire United ECNL by the Specialists at Orthopedic + Fracture.

  • Ankle Sprain - What is it? How do I treat it? When should I see a doctor? When can I return?
  • Ankle Sprain Prevention - Did you know...? First things first - Are you Sprain-Prone? How do you prevent an Ankle Sprain?
  • ACL Injury Prevention - Several prevention programs have been developed in an attempt to decrease the risk of non-contact ACL injuries.
  • Growing Pains - What are Growing Pains? What is Osgood-Schlatter Disease and Sever's Disease?
  • Concussion Prevention - Feeling Like You're in a Fog? How can I Prevent a Concussion? When is it Safe to Return to Sport?
  • Cold Weather Training - Cold weather has a way of discouraging even the highly motivated exercisers, but most people can exercise safely during winter.
  • Dealing with Allergies - Yes, Allergy season is coming, but don't let it keep you from playing soccer! The important thing to remember is to take precautions and be prepared.
  • ITF: The Knee Zone. Key exercises and training for your healthier knees.
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