Crossfire United ECNL

Tryout Details

We will have our much anticipated Pre ECNL Program starting back up after taking the COVID year off, Our First Day of Pre ECNL will be Oct 3rd , 4:00pm, Location TBD

We look at players from this program to be a part of the Top ranked ECNL Program in Oregon.

If you plan on being a part of the program or or have any questions about the program please email Linus Rhode,, with your name and club you are with and any relevant questions or call 503-616-9424.

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It says tryouts but you are registering to be a part of the program

Summary Schedule

Program Schedule:

The program will consist of three 5-week training blocks throughout the year.


1st 5-week session - Oct- Nov (2010 & 2011 birth year)

2nd 5-week session - Dec - Jan (2010 & 2011 birth year)

3rd 5-week session - Feb - Mar (2010 & 2011 birth year)

Pre ECNL Program

Program Mission:

The Crossfire United Pre ECNL Program will give young 2010 and 2011 players an opportunity to train as a team and develop over the year to be prepared for the highly competitive ECNL level of play.

Program Design:

This program is designed for players that are looking to elevate their game and are looking to potentially play high school varsity soccer as a freshman or even longer term, looking to play soccer at the elite level following high school. The program is for players that have the desire to take their game to a higher more competitive level and be part of ECNL Crossfire United at the U13 age group.

The 15-week program serves as a "add-on" to a player's regular club play. It will include a combination of technical skills and tactical team awareness. Our goal by the end of the year is to have players playing at a speed that will prepare them as an individual and as a team for competitive ECNL games.

We will look to take this group to a tournament if the number permits.

The coaching staff will be from our ECNL program and coaches in the community that have the desire to develop girls to the highest level. Our coaches will have the track record of developing girls in the community and with experience of coaching at a high level.

The Pre ECNL Program will have tryouts and we are looking to form a group of girls that will ultimately make up the core of the ECNL U12 team for the following year.

Program Cost:

The cost for the program will be $300 for 15 weeks and includes training once a week. All players will get a replica ECNL training top and shorts that will be used for each practice as well as serve as the uniform for the tournament. All players will have access to the same injury prevention program as all Crossfire United ECNL teams.

Program Parameters:

The program will be directed by ECNL Youth Director, Kevin Legg and ran by ECNL Coach Kyle Gouveia.

At any time if a player did not join the program at the Sept tryouts they will be able to join another 5-week session over the year. This will give qualified girls the chance to join the program after the tryout period.

The Pre ECNL Program serves as an "add-on" to a player's regular club play. In this way players can remain with their home club while also supplementing elite level training while having the opportunity to play as a team with their United Elite teammates.

Participation in the Pre ECNL Program will significantly enhance a player's readiness for ECNL.

  • Top Quality Coaches
  • Training Gear Included
  • Injury Prevention Program
  • Individual and Team Training

For More Information:

Email - Linus Rhode

Phone: 503-616-9424