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Player Protection Policies

Crossfire United takes great pride in the quality of our adult leadership. Being a volunteer in Crossfire United is a privilege, not a right. The quality of the program and the safety of our youth members call for high-quality adult leaders.

Crossfire United screens coaches and adult volunteers. Adult applications request background information and will be checked by the league before accepting an applicant for leadership. While no current screening techniques exist that can identify every potential child abuser, screening can reduce the risk by increasing what we know about an applicant for a leadership position.

Crossfire United has adopted the following policies to provide additional security for our members. These policies are primarily for the protection of our youth members; however, they also serve to protect our adult leaders from false accusations of abuse.

  • Two-deep leadership. Two registered adult leaders or one registered adult leaders and a parent of a participant, one of whom must be 21 years of age or older, are required on all activities.
  • No one-on-one contact. One-on-one contact between adults and youth members is not permitted. In situations that require personal conferences, such as a Coach's conference, the meeting is to be conducted in view of other adults and youths.
  • Respect of privacy. Adult leaders must respect the privacy of youth members in situations such as changing clothes, and intrude only to the extent that health and safety require. Adults must protect their own privacy in similar situations.
  • Separate accommodations. When on the road, no youth is permitted to sleep in the accommodations of a Crossfire United registered adult leader, other than that of their own relative or guardian. Male and female participants will not share the same sleeping accommodations.
  • Proper preparation for physically challenging activities. Activities with elements of risk should never be undertaken without proper preparation, equipment, clothing, supervision, and safety measures.
  • Transparency. All aspects of the Crossfire United program are open to observation by parents and leaders.
  • Appropriate attire. Proper clothing and equipment for activities is required.
  • Constructive discipline. Discipline used in Crossfire United should be constructive and reflect Crossfire United's values. Corporal punishment is never permitted. See disciplinary procedures for specific details.
  • Hazing prohibited. Physical hazing and initiations are prohibited and may not be included as part of any Crossfire United activity.

Crossfire United is a values-based and goal - oriented youth development organization that helps young people learn positive attributes of character, citizenship, and personal fitness.

One of the developmental tasks of childhood is to learn appropriate behavior. Children are not born with an innate sense of propriety and they need guidance and direction. The example set by positive adult role models is a powerful tool for shaping behavior and a tool that is stressed in Crossfire United.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kevin Legg.


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