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Why Play ECNL?

The ECNL is a comprehensive program providing an elite level of play for teams through the ages of U13 to U19. We feel by pooling player and coaching resources all CROSSFIRE UNITED teams (U13 to U19) will compete at a high level. There is no other program like this in the US. Through the conference games and the regional/national events this program gives the players the opportunity to compete at a truly elite level.

Why Crossfire United?

Crossfire United has been ranked in the top 20 the last two years in club rankings in ECNL. We are the top ranked ECNL Club in Oregon. We continue to be at the top when sending our players on to college. We provide a platform so the girls can grow through the program in a goal oriented environment.

Who will the coaches be?

CROSSFIRE UNITED is committed to providing the best coaching possible. Coaches will primarily come from THUSC and Colleges although we will bring in other strong local area coaches if we feel they will help the program.

How will there be any continuity between the CROSSFIRE UNITED ECNL Teams and the THUSC Teams?

The CROSSFIRE UNITED coach involved with the ECNL team will have direct contact with the THUSC coach and be able to watch those games to see if there are any players are excelling and deserve the opportunity to play with the Crossfire United Team.

Where will the teams train?

The training base will be in the beaverton and surrounding areas. Some of the training locations will be at Mountain View Champions Park, Tualatin Hills Rec Center, PCC Rock Creek, . These locations will also serve as the game fields for CROSSFIRE UNITED teams.

When will tryouts be?

Tryouts for all age groups will be held in May just prior to regular club tryouts. CROSSFIRE UNITED will form their ECNL teams prior to the finalization of regular club teams so players who do not make the ECNL team will still have an opportunity to try out for a club team.

If I don't make the CROSSFIRE UNITED ECNL team could I still play in some events with the team?

Yes, if you play for THUSC we have the ability to roster you on both teams which will give you the ability to play games with Crossfire United and your THUSC team.

What is the cost for this program going to be?

The exact cost depends on the age group (each age group has a set of conference games to play and then also Regional/National events to attend based on the age group).

So what should we expect the schedule to look like for each age group?

U13s will compete in their divisional schedule and then 1 Regional event - likely Davis in October

U14s will compete in their conference schedule and then 1 to 2 Regional event - likely Davis (Oct) and Houston (Feb)

U15s will compete in their conference schedule and then 2 National events - likely Texas (Feb) and Arizona (April).

U16s will compete in their conference schedule and then 3 National events - likely Florida (Jan), Texas (Feb), and Arizona (April).

U17s will compete in their conference schedule and then 3 National events - likely Florida (Jan), Texas (Feb), and Arizona (April).

U18s will compete in their conference schedule and then 1 National event - likely Florida (Jan))

So would I go to all of these events?

Part of the idea of carrying pools of 18-24 players is to manage the commitment for everyone. There will be players who have the desire and the means to travel to every event and there may be players who do not have the means to travel to every event. Obviously, if you do not go you do not pay the costs associated with the trip but then you also forego the opportunity to be exposed to the environment of that trip which will help you develop.

Okay so what are the costs going to be?

Again that is based on your exact travel schedule. Please refer to the CROSSFIRE UNITED website for full details. The club fees for Crossfire United will be in the region of $2200. This will include Uniforms, Filming of Games, Overnight Camp, Hudl for highlights. Each trip will have a separate budget. ECNL teams will train 3 times per week over the course of the season. This is an increased commitment for many players but this is to be expected for competitiveness within such a high level program.

So what does this mean for my U11 and U12 player in the fall?

We are forming Pre ECNL teams for the 2019 and 2020 season. We will hold tryouts in May. This is a great way to play and train 3 days a week and prepare for the ECNL League. Allowing the top girls to train 3 days a week and be in a environment of ECNL early will prepare them for when it is time to compete in ECNL

So how many teams will Crossfire United have at each age group?

Crossfire United will just have one ECNL Team at each age group of 16-24 players. We have one elite team per age group and if you do not make the ECNL team we will have the THUSC teams as the reserve teams. This is the only way you can be moved up to the ECNL team through out the year if you do not make the team at tryouts

So what other opportunities will my child have if she does not make the ECNL pool?

THUSC will still provide plenty of opportunities through our involvement in statewide leagues and State Cup/Directors Cup/Presidents Cup here in Oregon. Our teams will continue to be a part of the NWRL (Northwest Regional League), and they will also have their own travel schedule based on their needs as a team.

If you have a question that is not covered for our Youth Program, please contact Kevin Legg.

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