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The Crossfire Oregon Soccer Club and the Tualatin Hills United Soccer Club Form New Partnership that Will Compete Nationally

The Crossfire Oregon Soccer Club (CO) and the Tualatin Hills United Soccer Club (THUSC) are excited to announce today that they have entered into a new partnership, formed a new elite soccer program called CROSSFIRE UNITED OREGON, and accepted entry into the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL).

As a result CROSSFIRE UNITED OREGON will offer girls age groups from U14 through U18 the opportunity to represent Oregon and Southwest Washington by competing against the nation's best female soccer players. Acceptance into the ECNL is extremely selective, and CROSSFIRE UNITED OREGON will join the top clubs from around the country including the San Diego Surf, Lonestar SC, Colorado Rush, Atlanta Fire United, Ohio Elite SA, FC Delco, and more.

The Elite Clubs National League is aligned regionally for league play to minimize travel costs. Other ECNL clubs located in the region include Crossfire Premier, Washington Premier, FC Nova, Utah Avalanche, DeAnza Force, San Juan SC, and Mustang SC.

"CROSSFIRE UNITED OREGON will allow our top female players to compete and be recognized nationally", said Tom Atencio, CROSSFIRE UNITED OREGON ECNL Director and THUSC Director of Player Development and Coaching. "The ECNL offers an excellent opportunity for player development, as well as exposure to college coaches at the national level".

The ECNL was formed in 2009 to enhance the development of female youth soccer players across the United States by developing best practices and organizational guidelines for member clubs, enhancing training, development, and competition for its players, while also improving the process for identifying elite female soccer players for the United State National Teams.

CROSSFIRE UNITED OREGON will form one team in each of the U14 through U18 age groups that will compete in the ECNL, regionally and nationally. In addition, both THUSC and Crossfire Oregon will form "Reserve Teams" in each age group that will provide a pathway to the CROSSFIRE THUSC ECNL teams.

"While the formation of CROSSFIRE UNITED OREGON will allow the top team in each of our age groups to compete nationwide, both Crossfire Oregon and THUSC will continue to offer the best statewide and regionally competitive programs for all of our players", said Fraser Morrison, CROSSFIRE UNITED ECNL Director and Crossfire Oregon Director of Coaching. "We will continue to compete in statewide leagues, Oregon State Cup, Northwest Champions League (NWCL), and the Western College Developmental Association (WCDA) as usual."

Tryouts for the CROSSFIRE UNITED U14 age group will be held in May just prior to regular THUSC and Crossfire Oregon tryouts. Tryouts for the CROSSFIRE UNITED U15 through U18 age groups will be held in early August, just prior to regular club tryouts.


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