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ECNL Player ID Platform

Click to watch a short highlight video from the 2011 ECNL/id2 National Training Camp.

The ECNL Player Identification Platform (ECNL Player ID) was launched in 2009 to provide a better, more efficient and streamlined process for identifying players with the potential to play with the US Youth National Teams. The ECNL Player ID Platform provides opportunities to identify the top players in the ECNL and provides opportunities for these players to be seen and trained by U.S. Soccer National Team staff. The ECNL Player ID Platform was created with the following assumptions:

  • Players should be scouted and evaluated in their regular environment.
  • There should be no additional cost to players for scouting and identification.
  • To ensure accurate evaluations, players should be evaluated by multiple people over multiple events.
  • To ensure accurate evaluations, the coaches that train and develop the identified players should be consulted as the best source of information regarding overall ability, mentality and current form.

By scouting players in their regular team environment, while they are competing against the best players in the country, the ECNL Player ID Platform increases opportunities for identified players at no additional cost to the players.

The ECNL Player ID Platform program includes:

  1. ECNL / id2 Player Development Programs
  2. ECNL / id2 National Training Camp
  3. PDP Oregon will be coordinated between The Oregon Premier League and Crossfire United for Reserve Players

*Both the ECNL/id2 Player Development Programs and the ECNL/id2 National Training Camp are part of US Club Soccer's id2 National Identification and Development Program.


In addition to the ECNL Player ID programs above, the ECNL works closely with US Club Soccer id2 staff to solicit recommendations of top players from coaches throughout the ECNL. Players recommended through ECNL coaches are submitted to US Club Soccer for inclusion in the US Club Soccer id2 Regional Training Camps at the 1997 and 1998 age groups. Crossfire UNITED will bring together, one time per month, present U13 players in an academy format for Pre-ECNL development and evaluation.


The ECNL has a large network of over 150 "Player Identification Program Scouts". These scouts include coaches from member clubs of the ECNL as well as independent coaches. Scouts within the ECNL Player ID Program include some of the country's best youth club coaches, coaches with experience with US Soccer National Teams and coaches from top Division I, II, and III colleges. The ECNL Player ID Program Scouting Staff is one of the largest, most qualified and most comprehensive scouting networks for female players in the country.

ECNL scouts are assigned to observe and analyze ECNL games at each ECNL National Showcase Event. A standardized evaluation program has been established by the ECNL for these scouts whereby identified players will be evaluated on a variety of technical, tactical, physical and psychological characteristics based upon their performances. The performance of identified players will be tracked over time through a secure, online ECNL database. This database allows for longitudinal tracking of the players, comparison of different ratings of the same players by different scouts and is searchable so that the top players in any category, birth year, or position can be identified.

In addition to information collected through assigned scouts, the ECNL also selects an All-Event Team for each age group from participating teams at each ECNL National Showcase Event. This team is selected based upon nominations from coaches in every game in the Event, and top performers from these games are also added to the database.


Click to watch a short highlight video from the first day of the 2011 ECNL/id2 National Training Camp, which kicked off Feb. 10 at the campus of Florida State University in Tallahassee, Fla.

Click to watch a short highlight video from the second day of the 2011 ECNL/id2 National Training Camp include a visit from former U.S. Women's National Team standout Mia Hamm and the first games of the camp.

Click to watch a short highlight video from the third day of the 2011 ECNL/id2 National Training Camp include new teams and a series of intense games on Saturday night.